5 Reasons Why BIAB Is the Ultimate Nail Care Solution In 2024

Ombré designs dominated the nail art industry in 2023. This technique, which involves combining two or more distinct colors to create a gradient effect, was evident in notable celebrities like Megan Fox and Kerry Washington. Midway into 2024, ombré is still the in-thing, although several other designs have popped up and made their mark. 

BIAB is one of the trends shaping the nail art industry in 2024. While not exactly new, this technique has witnessed a leap in popularity in recent months as more beauty enthusiasts appreciate its cosmetic and health benefits. 

Read below as we unravel the top five reasons BIAB is the ultimate nail care solution in 2024. 

What Is BIAB?

BIAB is an acronym for Builder-in-a-Bottle. It refers to a soak-off gel nail polish designed to be applied as an overlay (or builder gel) for natural nails. 

The solution works similarly to regular gel polishes. However, it takes on a thicker consistency as it dries up, giving your nails incredible strength and durability. 

BIAB nails are so strong that they discourage nail biting. It takes considerable pressure to grind through the crusted solution, allowing your nails to remain stronger for longer. 

There are a lot more reasons to upgrade from normal nail polish to BIAB, as you’re about to find out.

A Little History About BIAB

Although Builder-in-a-Bottle may have caught on more recently, the product is nearly a decade old, having been unveiled in 2025. 

BIAB is a proprietary solution by The Gel Bottle, a British cosmetic brand established by renowned nail technician Daisy Kalnina. 

Kalnina’s motivation for creating BIAB was her dissatisfaction with several nail polishes on the market. She desired a product that would be thick enough to nurture natural nails yet still elegantly looking. 

It’s logical to infer that Kalnina has achieved that cosmetic mission if most BIAB reviews are anything to go by.

Reasons to Add BIAB to Your Nail Care Accessory In 2024

1. Strengthens Natural Nails

This is BIAB’s biggest selling point. The solution is formulated with a base and a primer. 

When applied, the primer creates a sticky layer that bridges the natural nail plate and the rest of the BIAB gel polish. The results are strong nails that can last several weeks longer than those treated with regular nail polish. 

BIAB’s ability to add a powerful coat to natural nails makes it particularly suitable for people with weak nails. 

The solution may cure nail chipping, a common concern among manual laborers. Its sheer strength also serves as a deterrent against compulsive nail biting. 

2. Encourages Nail Growth

Long fingernails provide certain benefits, including enhanced grip and manual dexterity. 

Even if you’re not trying to beat Diana Armstrong to the Guinness Book of World Records, it pays to have longer nails than the average folk. That’s especially if you work in an industry where personal image is everything. 

However, growing fingernails naturally takes a considerable amount of time and patience. That’s another problem that BIAB can remedy effectively. 

BIAB gel forms a powerful layer around your natural nails, which helps nurture nail growth by reducing brittleness.

3. Gentler Than Acrylics

Acrylics enjoy a reputation for being relatively strong and durable. But they have glaring drawbacks. 

First, acrylics are notorious for their tendency to damage natural nails. These artificial nail extensions also require regular maintenance, making them potentially costly in the long run. 

Moreover, due to their chemical composition, acrylic nails are prone to allergic reactions. 

Switching to BIAB can help address most of the nagging concerns associated with acrylics. 

Builder-in-a-Bottle is notably vegan. You can apply the treatment without worrying about skin rash or irritation. 

BIAB is also gentler on your nail’s structure. The solution is less likely to damage your nails regardless of how long you have it on.

4. Easy To Apply

Builder-in-a-Bottle is remarkably easy to apply. 

Treatment typically starts with nail preparation. File and buff your nails as required. You may also do some cuticle work if necessary. 

The next step is applying a thin BIAB polish base over your natural nails. Cure the base over a low heat mode, just as you would with normal gel base. 

Now, apply a thick bead of BIAB on your nails, spreading the solution gently from side to side and dragging the gel away from your cuticle. 

Lastly, wipe each nail with prescribed alcohol to remove stickiness, then refine the BIAB bead by filling it.  

NB: While applying BIAB, remember to build one nail at a time.

5. Versatile and Cruelty-Free 

BIAB comes in an array of colors that you can pick from depending on your skin tone and individual preference. 

The solution is commonly available in modest shades that blend seamlessly with natural nails. Thanks to its subtle appearance, you can easily follow each application with proper nail art. 

It might also interest you to know that BIAB is 100% cruelty-free. The solution is free from harsh chemicals like toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, and dibutyl phthalate. 

Besides, you can apply nail gel polish with a clear conscience, knowing that no animals have died or suffered during its manufacturing process. 

Final Word

While BIAB is remarkably effective, success using this nail art technique depends on proper application. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to achieve excellent results with each BIAB treatment. Remember to also mind nail hygiene before applying BIAB. Moreover, get any diseased nails treated before treating them with a BIAB solution. 

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