5 Reasons Why You Need A GTFO Wrist Strap

Being stranded in a car can be a harrowing experience, especially if it happens after an auto crash. 

Fortunately, you can rely on certain everyday carry (EDC) tools to safely escape from a vehicle during an accident and minimize further bodily harm. 

This article looks at one such implementation – the GTFO wrist strap.

Introducing the GTFO Wrist Strap

A GTFO wrist strap is a tool designed to facilitate escape from a stranded vehicle. The device is particularly useful when stuck in a car following an accident. Surviving the crash and becoming part of the grim road carnage statistics can make a huge difference. 

The GTFO wrist strap functions primarily like a regular window breaker except that it’s more discrete and easier to handle. The tool is best deployed on rear or side windows. It’s designed with a strong material that can quickly break through tempered glass. 

A Little History and Background

The GTFO wrist strap concept was developed by Karl OscarDelta in 2014 to facilitate escape from confined vehicular spaces during emergency situations. 

OscarDelta desired a rescue tool that could be worn discreetly but which was still powerful enough to break tempered glass. As mentioned, the tool is most effective on the rear or side windows. 

However, it’s important to note that the GTFO wrist strap isn’t recommended for breaking other glass objects. Improper usage may have devastating consequences. 

Reasons to Invest In A GTFO Wrist Strap

1. Accidents Are Unpredictable

Recent auto accident statistics indicate that the United States reports about 43,000 fatal car crashes annually. While experts predict a 1% dip in motor vehicle fatality rates in 2024, the figures still paint a grim picture of the treacherous nature of our freeways. 

A significant percentage of auto crash victims succumb to their injuries due to delayed response from rescuers. That underscores the significance of arming yourself with useful tools like the GTFO wrist strap. 

This device lets you break a car window and whisk yourself to safety before the situation escalates. It can save your life just in time before a massive explosion from a gas leak, or before a precariously hanging tree branch smashes into your vehicle.

2. The Tool Is Easy and Safe To Carry

One of the strongest selling points of the GTFO wrist strap is its incredible portability. 

For starters, this tool functions primarily as a wearable. You can have it discreetly on your wrist without drawing undue attention to yourself. The tool also sports a plain design. It lacks the sparkle associated with conventional jewelry, making it difficult for muggers to detect. 

More importantly, the GTFO wrist strap measures around 8 inches and weighs a paltry 0.01 pounds—far lighter than your regular wristwatch. Its lightweight design also makes it preferable to traditional window breakers, which can weigh as much as three pounds.

3. Strong and Durable

Every second counts when you’re trapped in a car after an accident. Therefore, you want a glass breaker tool that can smash open the vehicle’s window in one hit. 

Fortunately, that’s another role that the GTFO wrist strap can perform exceptionally well. This tool is designed with elastic straps that feature a tungsten striker bead. 

Tungsten is renowned for its sheer strength and durability. The metal is also remarkably resistant to corrosion and thermal expansion. It can effortlessly break the strongest glass. 

Whether your vehicle’s side windows are made from regular or tempered glass, you can trust the GTFO wrist strap to deliver at the most critical moments. 

4. Easy To Deploy

User-friendliness is a critical consideration when shopping for car glass breaker tools. It’s yet another feature that makes the GTFO wrist strap stand out from its competitors. 

The GTFO wrist strap sports a basic construction. There are no special components to learn except its business end, which consists of a double-sided strike point. 

The GTFO wrist strap is also incredibly easy to deploy. 

To use the glass-breaking tool, remove the strap from your wrists and place it around your thumb and forefingers. Head to the rear or nearest side window, then pull back on the projectile and release it to shatter the glass. A 4” pull is ideal for optimal effects. The amount of pressure created with the draw is sufficient to break through tempered glass. 

However, note that some rudimentary training is necessary for proper GTFO wrist wrap deployment. Besides, this device is intended to augment the user’s skillset. It cannot guarantee safety in emergency situations in and of itself.

5. Additional Functionality

The GTFO wrist strap has several additional bells and whistles besides its primary function as a glass breaker tool. 

Modern iterations of the device feature Advanced Handcuff Key (AHK3) technology. This technology provides immense possibilities, including the ability to open handcuffs designed with alternative security features like large keyhole pins and signal-blocking blades. 

Signal-blocking blades do exactly what the name implies—they interrupt signals between your vehicle and its keys. This technology can prevent auto thieves from intercepting and cloning your car keys. 

The fact that the GTFO wrist strap features the AHK3 lends further credence to its reliability when trapped in a car.

Wrap Up

The GTFO wrist strap can significantly enhance your survival chances during auto accidents. The tool is lightweight, portable, and incredibly easy to deploy. It’s certainly a must-have for proactive motorists.

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