Best Instagram Categories for Your Business

Best Instagram Categories for Your Business

Instagram’s scope is not limited to sharing pictures or gaining popularity and fame. It has emerged as a great platform for doing business. 

Many businesses have seen abrupt growth after utilizing Instagram to promote and sell their products. To get success on Instagram, they even buy Instagram followers to increase their engagement. 

If you want to use Instagram for business purposes, you will require an Instagram business account. This account gives you access to Instagram insights and allows you to run ads. 

As a part of setting up your business account, you must specify your Instagram Business category. 

This blog will take you through the most popular Instagram business categories and how to select the most apt category to gain maximum benefits from your efforts. 

How To Update Your Instagram Business Category?

The Instagram business category, located at the top of your Instagram profile, helps your audiences understand the category or type of business you are in.

You can update the business category when setting up your business profile. However, you can update it anytime. To update your business category, follow the below-given steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Edit Profile
  • Step 2: Look out for Public Business Information 
  • Step 3: Under “Public Business Information,” tap on Category. You will get access to hundreds of business categories. 
  • Step 4: Find and select the one that best suits your business nature. If you don’t find a matching category, start typing and searching for the best fit. 

3 Tips For Selecting An Instagram Business Category

The Instagram business category helps you reach your targeted audiences. It tells them what you do and encourages prospective audiences to explore your content. 

Hence, it is very important to select the most appropriate business category for your IG business profile. Here are a few tips for selecting the apt Instagram business category: 

  • Think About How Customers Describe Your Business

Consider your existing customers’ perspectives and thoughts about your brand. Select a category to which your existing clients relate your business the most. 

  • Take A Few Minutes To Search

As we have already stated above, Instagram proposes hundreds of business categories, so take time to find the relevant category that best suits your business type.

  • Update Your Category If Your Business Changes

As your business prospers, your business category may also evolve. If anything changes, remember to update your Instagram business category. 

Best Instagram Categories For Your Business Account

Instagram offers hundreds of business categories to describe your business most closely. Here are some of the most commonly used Instagram categories for your business account. 

  • Advertising

Advertising agencies help other businesses achieve objectives like increasing brand awareness, promoting an idea, or selling products. They can include various agencies that use one or more forms of media, including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and electronic social media, to publicize their clients.

  • Agriculture

Agricultural business includes all aspects of food production. These agricultural activities do not only involve farmers but also include a wide range of agro-based businesses and operations. 

It includes small family farms and food producers, multinational agro enterprises, farm machinery companies, seed and agrochemical companies, food processing companies, farmer’s cooperatives, and agritourism companies.

  • Entertainment

The entertainment industry is also referred to as show business.  It includes activities such as film, television, music, and theatre. It also includes activities such as sports, gambling, casinos, etc. 

Businesses involved in the entertainment industry include record labels, film studios, media companies, and video game companies.

  • Education

The education industry is a huge industry comprising schools, colleges, universities, and various private institutions. It also includes online learning platforms, tutoring services, educational software, publishing companies, textbook publishers, and educational materials providers.

  • Beauty, Cosmetic & Personal Care

Beauty, cosmetic, and personal care businesses help individuals improve their appearance and well-being. These businesses can include skincare, hair care, makeup, grooming, overall personal hygiene, beauty parlors, spas, etc.

  • Photo

The photography industry involves companies that offer various photographic services, including still photography, digital photography, and videography. 

Services could be commercial, industrial, portrait, wedding, or special events. Inclusion in the industry extends to cameras and other photography equipment manufacturing companies.

  • Design & Fashion

The design and fashion industry creates, manufactures, ships, and sells clothing and accessories. It includes designers, stylists, and retailers. Products range from high-end couture to everyday items.

  • Entrepreneur

Any individual who starts a business with limited resources is an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur can be in any field.       

  • Health & Fitness

It is a diversified field, hosting several products and services concerning health and wellness. Starting with the more traditional areas, such as fitness and nutrition, it moves into newer territories relating to mindfulness and mental health.

  • Marketing Agency

A marketing agency refers to services dispensed regarding measures concerning the marketing mix: communication, price, product, and sales. They help companies during the phases of planning, design, and execution of their marketing activities.


The Instagram business category is an important element of your IG business profile. It encourages prospective audiences to explore and interact with your page. But the key is in selecting the right business category that showcases your ideal business identity.When setting up your business profile, carefully choose your business category to maximize benefits. Additionally, consider utilizing Instagram growth services to optimize your profile’s visibility and engagement, ensuring your business reaches its full potential on the platform.

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